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The CCC Masterclasses

A week-long virtual masterclass experience on how to leverage your online business, so you can survive (and thrive) in our current crazy times


We’re in unprecedented times. The world looks completely different from just a few weeks ago.

We ALL need to do things differently, because we’re living in a brand new world.

And that includes me and my team. This is what I mean…

Each December, we offer a free CCC Masterclass series that helps women leverage and grow their online businesses. We’ve had thousands of women join from more than 50 countries.

So that NORMALLY happens once a year in December. But in these times, we can’t wait around until then. The world is moving too fast right now.

In addition, how you show up and what you say needs to be adjusted according to world circumstances.

This is not the time to shout “Buy my shit!” all over the internet. Selling is an art and now, more than ever, you need to know how to do it right.

Go here to signup for the classes. We start May 1.