Stop Lying To Yourself and Leap

Entrepreneurs have a lot of shit on their plates. And maybe that’s an understatement. As a former writing coach, I know “a lot” is vague.

Anyone in business for themselves is already shaking their head in agreement. It’s those of you who are on the sidelines I’m talking to.

You, the lady stuck in a corporate job trying to build her business while still earning a steady salary.

You, the woman who leapt into business ownership but works a bridge job to make sure her bills are paid (and does very little to build the business she wanted).

And you, the woman who feels her throat tighten as you wait for me to call you out in your exact spot, wherever you are that makes you unhappy.

This post is for the non-believers and the ladies addicted to fear.

It’s time to stop lying to yourself and take the leap, dammit.

If you’ve ever said:

“My husband won’t let me quit my job without showing I can truly earn money as a coach first.”

“I know I need additional support, like a ghostwriter or CPA, and I can’t afford them right now.”

“I’m afraid I’ll fail.”

“The market is full of other really great coaches who do exactly what I want, so why bother?”

It’s time to face the fear and leap anyway.

Because while all of those excuses might seem completely factual in your mind, they are only blocks, only things to keep you from facing the fact you don’t feel ready to do it solo.

So what’s it going to take for you to feel ready?

  • A steady income from clients?
  • The approval of your spouse, partner or family?
  • 100% certainty that you won’t fall on your face?

The bad news? You’re never going to have exactly what you want before you begin.

The good news? You’re never going to have exactly what you want before you begin, so you can start at any-fucking-time.

See, the truth is, nobody who goes into business for themselves has all of their shit together when they start.

A perfect plan isn’t what makes successful entrepreneurs money.

Instead, it’s their ability to take the leap, watch what happens when they do, and respond to whatever happens. A good startup includes being proactive in your approach, noticing what earns you money and what doesn’t and then modifying your plan.

The plan does not determine your success. Your flexibility does.

One of my very favorite videos to show people enrolling in services with me (whether it’s 1:1 coaching or CCC) is by ZeFrank. (I shared it with you a couple days ago.)  It’s not because he says anything other than what I’m telling you now. It’s because he does it in such a simple, beautiful way that people can get on board.

Jump the shark, ladies.

Use metaphors.

Give yourself the grace and forgiveness you show to others, especially when they fail.

At 1:55 in the video, ZeFrank talks about perfectionism. About how we hate the quality in others, yet we expect it in ourselves. If there is one thing you should know about entrepreneurship, it’s that nobody has everything figured out. NOBODY.

Not me, not any other big names in any industry. We’re all just doing our best to stay two steps ahead of our clients, so we can better serve them (and they’ll continue needing us). When you think about it that way, it’s not as scary, is it?

All you need to do to take the leap, is make sure you’re two steps ahead of the people you want to serve. If you can stay there, you’ll never have to worry about finding people to help or providing value to your clients. Ever.

This fear we let choke the courage out of us? It’s normal, but it becomes detrimental when we let it stop us.

So, if you’re sitting at home reading this, shaking your head in agreement (like my fellow entrepreneurs were up top), then it’s high time you stop allowing your fears to dictate your life.

Instead, let your dreams take a shot at it.

If you need help, you know where to find me. I’m always here or on Facebook in Tune In. Turn On.

Enjoy new beginnings. They’re always a little scary, but they’re so damn worth it.


– Becky

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It’s long past time to kick self-doubt in the ass

Not so long ago, I didn’t think I deserved my career.

I wondered when someone would walk in and tell me I was a phony, a cheat and liar.

And believing those thoughts made it really freaking hard to do my job.

I exhausted myself running in circles, only to be sleepless later, overworked and underpaid.

Sound familiar?

Self-doubt is poison.

Once I finally reached the frayed end, I knew continuing down that road would lead to Groundhog Day. And quite honestly, shit sucked enough that I knew I needed to do something different.



Because if I wanted to feel and earn and be changed, I had to transform something.

That something was me.

Clarity, clients and cash. That’s what I wanted.

Our stories might not be the same, but I guaran-damn-tee you want those too.

If you’re tired of doing the same thing, only to find yourself panting and penniless, it’s time to step away and step up.

Today, I give you a 12-week program for women coaches who want – you guessed it – clarity, clients and cash.

Which is worse: rejection or regret?

You’ve heard the word no enough to know it won’t break you.

But regret? It puts us back on that machine, running in place. And maybe you think you’ve tried before. You’ve taken courses from coaches who claim to help women like you get shit done, only to feel like nothing helped after throwing more money at your problem.

That’s where this is different.

If this note doesn’t hit you in your gut, you’re either blind to your problems or you don’t need me. Either way, I can’t help you.

For those of you who feel that airless pocket in your throat, like a jab that leaves you breathless or opens old wounds, it’s time to make a change.

The CCC experience was created to help women make their business gorgeous: Attract better clients and bigger money. And you won’t do it alone. Other women, just as powerful as you, will be there to help jumpstart this shit.

CCC is for women who are tired of scraping by.

This is for you when you have no clue if you’re doing things right (and your bank balance reflects that sentiment).

When you want to stop spinning in circles and actually make MONEY doing what you LOVE.

Sure, it includes all the practical stuff most business courses throw at you, but we go much deeper than that.

CCC has THE missing piece most online coaching training ignores: the part where we figure out what the is truly blocking you from success.

So let’s …

  • get ridiculously clear on who you are and what you do. By the time we’re done, it won’t matter who does the same kind of work. You’ll finally recognize YOU offer something no one else can.
  • start making a consistent income of $5K or more a month.
  • understand deep inside you deserve to have a business you love that makes money.

If the thought of success doesn’t buckle your knees, the intensity of CCC might be too much.

But I don’t believe that shit.

That’s why you’re here, on my list. Because you’re the type of woman who is ready to make the world better by offering yourself to it without apology.

We all fear. We all want and question.

What makes the successful people stand apart is that none of those things stop them. So don’t let them stop you.

This is an invocation for beginnings:


And if that doesn’t set your ass on fire, DO NOT click here to learn more about CCC.

– Becky