Fuck Mercury Retrograde

Natal astrology tells us Mercury goes retrograde again on the 17th. Instead of buckling down and preparing for the worst, maybe we should – instead – use the next two weeks to eradicate any and all insane It’s now or after the equinox thoughts.

I’ve been selling discounted versions of all of my services (because I am many things) in 45-minute uninhibited calls and self-taught courses, which is cool for my free-bird friends. However, it’s not nearly as awesome for the ladies who love a little structure.

So here’s what I’ve done:

There are now three ways for you to hop on a call for me and discuss exactly what you need, right now, to move forward in your business. Me and you, fourty-five minutes, and we’ll tackle your biggest albatross. Which also happen to be my biggest strengths.

Putting off writing (or rewriting) copy that brings you clients?

Let’s review it.

In my 45-minute Copy Review you’ll get:

  • (1) 45 minute phone call to go over/sassify (sometimes we make up words) your copy with me
  • An unlimited amount of rewrites within that time (if you have 3 pages and we can pump them out, they’re done)
  • Copy that earns you way more than you paid for the call

Don’t have anything to bring to the call? No problem. You bring the course info (and a notepad), I’ll bring the creativity.

You’re $500 bucks and 45 minutes away from showing up and showing off so the tumbleweeds stop collecting in your bank account.

If you need help pricing a program, you’re probably not selling it or – more than likely – you’re working way too hard, selling out like crazy and exhausting yourself. Either way, pricing is the problem.

Program Pricing

  • Blocked by fear, naysayers or self-doubt? Let’s figure out how much each of your programs are worth.
  • We’ll not only set your prices, but we’ll crush the bullshit you’re telling yourself about why you can’t sell at that cost
  • I’ll give you actionable steps to increase your price over time, if you’re inexperienced (read: get the first clients in so you can charge what you’re worth)

Or maybe you don’t need copy or pricing help. Cool. Let’s talk about manifesting.

Manifesting Any-damn-thing:

Not sure how to start manifesting exactly what you want?

Thought about buying one of my self-study courses but lack the motivation to actually do the work without talking to a real human?

Ready to stop saying “I believe in woo” without doing jack ish about it?

Let’s talk about you, your dreams and how to make them a reality. You + me + 45 minutes about manifesting anything you want.

Again, I’ll give you actionable steps to use to start manifesting NOW.

Each of these 45-minute calls will cost you $500 (and you can buy as many single sessions as you want, while supplies last).

How’s that for a sign that it’s time to get everything in order before all hell breaks loose in the astrology world.

Get at me.