90 Days to 90K. Fuck Hope & Pray.

A real business makes real money.

But, there are (a lot) of moving parts.

You’ve got your business model, your business message, your business offerings. Check.

Then you’ve got your business price points, your business operations, your business marketing and your business sales and your business administration.

And then you pile in all of the other fun bonuses, like trying to figure out how to become a freaking copywriter without actually being a copywriter. (Good lord, here we go.) Or trying to master all that Twitter shit. (Hint: It doesn’t have to be so painful.) And then there’s hiring someone to create professional looking graphics for promotions. (Nightmare in itself.) Asking clients for testimonials. (Don’t forget.) And then DOING SOMETHING with those testimonials. (Did you ask for their picture?)

Sooner than later, you’ll find yourself trying like hells bells to figure out fucking Facebook ads (and why no one is clicking on yours). Understanding donkey doo like SEO. Or “CTAs.” Or writing “effective headlines.” And, jesus christ, SELLING YOURSELF.

Bottom line: It’s a lot to do, let alone do well.

There’s just one problem: Your business depends on you doing it well. Your ability to nail all of this, and all of this at once, is going to be the difference between you making $9,000 this year and $90,000.

Both are realistic scenarios. But only one is optimal.

That’s where me & my team come in.

We’ll take your business under our wing, and then teach it how to fucking fly. And fly FAST.

Myself plus a team of experts in the areas of business, graphic design, copywriting, social media and selling all queued up waiting to sink their teeth into YOUR business, and pull a collective makeover that will take you from broke to BIG, without you having to bust your ass. (Because we’ll bust ours.)

bw_small_homepageThink of it like an end-to-end business bootcamp…except all the work is done for you.

Oh, and we swear a lot.

But let me tell you this: After 90 days with our crew, your business won’t just look better – it’ll perform better. And by “better,” we mean to the tune of $90K better…or more.

What would you do for an extra $90K this year? Would you stay up until 3 a.m. every single night of your life learning everything you have to learn, only to end up with some vague idea of how you’re suppose to apply it all? Would you bash your brains in trying to “ship” and “hustle” and “overdeliver” and get it all done before happy hour? (Good luck.) Would you struggle and sweat, scream and yell, cry and whine? Would you give it all your might, only to find that all your might isn’t mighty enough…yet?

Or would you hire us?

There’s a difference between the business owner who hustles hard, and the business owner who hustles smart.

Guess which one makes more money, while making it easy?

This 90-Day Program is for smart hustlers who understand the value of time and expertise – and want both.

Because they don’t want to deal with all the bullshit, and spend the next five years of their lives just getting profitable.

When you make the decision to work with Becky and her team, we’ll come in and overhaul your business, starting with where it matters most: The money.

How you make money is the most important piece of the puzzle, which is why we’ll begin teaching you about strategic money mindset that every business owner needs in order to succeed – FACT.

Then, we’ll systematically move step-by-step through your business, analyzing everything from the bottom up by reviewing your business message, re-imagining your copy to reflect that message, developing specialized marketing & sales campaigns for you to convert that message into sales, creating professional graphics for your business brand & promotional efforts, crafting Facebook ad campaigns that will send sales even more through every roof in town, and help put your business in the center spotlight both now…and for the long term.

It’s business coaching meets business marketing – in a way that’s fun, no nonsense, and PROFITABLE AS HELL.

We’ll hold your hand. We’ll incubate your business. We’ll tell you how. We’ll do a lot of it for you. And we’ll swoop in as your new know-it-all business partner – the one your business will depend on for the next 90 days. And the one your business will thank every single day thereafter.

While that might sound pompous, the results speak for themselves.

We’ve helped women go from negative checking account balances to $25K a month, from $5K a month to $50K a month, and from a seed of a business idea to six figures.

So if you could spend money to make more money, wouldn’t you?

Here’s what happens next:

  1. You’ll email Dani and submit a deposit for our 90 Day Program below, in order to reserve our time. Note: We’re currently booked through February, so early reservations are recommended.
  2. Upon receipt of your deposit, we’ll send you our official welcome packet, as well as a link to our calendar where you can book your very first session with us. At that point, we’ll get to know one another, discuss your specific needs, and create a game plan for the next 90 days.
  3. After our initial call, we’ll set you up with a recurring weekly session time, where we’ll meet each week to strategize.
  4. In between our sessions, we’ll be in the background working on your behalf, and coaching you via email, to make sure that with each and every week that goes by, we’re making solid progress, going from 0 to 90K – whiplash very much a possibility.

The only thing you have to lose? Is your doubts.

about_smalReserve our services now, and you’ll get:

Your own private sales coach
Value: $25,000

The expertise of a wealth consciousness coach
Value: $10,000+

A dedicated copywriter for your business
Value: $7,000+

Your own graphic designer
Value: $5,000+

A social media expert working on your behalf
Value: $3,600+

The website of your dreams
Value: $7,500

And a business that never looks back
Value: The hundreds of thousands of dollars you’ll go on to make this year and beyond. Because that’s what real businesses do: Make money.

If you tried to hire all of these experts for their time separately, it would cost you a minimum of $59,100.  (And that’s the low end.)

Fortunately, big dreams come with small price tags around here. Why? Because when you book us as a package, you get us as a package. And we all know packages are priced right.

Book with us: Get everything above – your own personal team of business experts working on your behalf.

Investment: $5,000 deposit, plus six payments thereafter of $5,000 each.

Fuck hope and pray.

Email 411 (at) rebeccatdickson (dot) com to book a complimentary 30-minute consult to see if we’re a good fit.