It’s time to cut the crap.


Spent too long doing for others, ignoring what you want, shrinking yourself to become something other people wanted, needed and loved.

Forgot you are not limited or weak.

Are just now remembering how strong and powerful you truly are, as you are. And maybe your friends and family are looking at you askance because they don’t recognize the real you that’s emerging. (You buried her under layers and layers of stories and lies, dismissing yourself and your voice.) 

Oh, but you’re waking up. Something has disturbed the sleeping giant.

You tried to lull her back to sleep, but she’s not having it.

You tried to pretend you don’t want what you want, but your gut and your grit won’t be denied.

You’ve got something to say, big gifts to share. Yet fear and uncertainty still keep you from doing it the way only you can.

Good news. That ends NOW. 

At no time in history is it more important than to use your voice as a woman.

The world is desperate for our special brand of tenderness and fierce love. It needs us to show up as we are, draped in truth. 

Because that is power.

Being out there naked takes more than balls. It takes ovaries of steel.

Are you ready to own your essence and show it to the world? To build a business that reflects everything you believe and magnetizes clients because the rare beauty of your truth? (Trust me, truth is an anomaly online.)

Enter my 5-Day USE YOUR VOICE Challenge.

We’ll identify:

  • Where you’re pretending – to be happy, to be someone you’re not – in life and in business.
  • How to stop assessing your value based on external bullshit (like clothing and bank accounts), and starting seeing yourself as a goddamn beacon of light.
  • Why women believe they cannot possibly be themselves.
  • How to give fear the finger and stay true to yourself and your voice, knowing you can’t fail when you do.

And then we’ll combine the first four days’ lessons on day five, for a full-on FREE masterclass.

You in?

Let’s snap those pieces together. The picture is stunning.


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