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Five steps that changed my life (and can change yours)

Everything is mindset. Straight up:

The women who succeed in big ways decide to change the way they think.

They choose to believe they can do it and invest in their own futures, not just financially – but mentally too.

They make the choice that no matter the external circumstances, they will win in the end.

The trouble sometimes is most women are raised to stay out of the spotlight and instead help others. We nurture. We take care of everyone around us at our own expense.

We don’t show up bigger than other people in our lives, have strong opinions or create controversy, for fear of what they might think (or say about us). And we certainly don’t pat ourselves on the back.

But as an entrepreneur?

That shit has got to go.

You cannot sell if you aren’t in the spotlight.

You cannot show up as your best self for your business or your clients if you are exhausted from taking care of everyone else and never taking care of you.

You cannot build a business if you are the first one to step aside because you’re afraid of what other people may or may not think.

And you absolutely cannot continue to excel, rise, succeed if you don’t recognize your accomplishments and celebrate them every damn step of the way.

Stop criticizing yourself.

Stop the self-flagellation. (It’s patently unattractive.)

Stop the perpetuation of “not enough” or “too much.”

The path to everything you ever wanted? Starts with putting yourself first by changing the way you think.

The five steps that changed my life, and that of thousands of women I’ve worked with all over the world:

  • Step 1 – Say goodbye to your ego.
  • Step 2 – Step into the driver’s seat.
  • Step 3 – Change your thoughts.
  • Step 4 – Enter the judgement-free zone.
  • Step 5 – Get to the finish line.

I’ve compiled a 3-hour training and a meaty workbook about how to pull apart each of those steps and drill down your thoughts, so you begin to see how easy it is to change from within.

These are simple, tried and true exercises to help you shape the way you think, shift your beliefs and put your ass back in control of your life.

Cool, right?