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WTF is Scrying?

Scrying is the practice of staring into a reflective surface – a mirror, stone, even water – to catch glimpses of the future. It’s a divination technique that has been used throughout the ages. 

Historical examples:

  • Nostradamus practiced scrying by staring into a bowl of water which reflected light to see the future while he was entranced.  
  • Scrying is referenced in the Hebrew Bible (Book of Genesis, Ch. 44).  
  • In ancient texts of Persia, scrying is referenced as used by the ancient mythological kings for observing all of the layers of the universe.
  • And in the late 1820s, the Latter Day Saint movement was founded based, in part, on what was said to be information obtained miraculously from the reflections of seer stones which helped the founder receive revelations to translate the Book of Mormon. 
  • Scrying is written into folklore throughout history. For example the children’s game “Bloody Mary” is based on the scrying technique.

How to Scry

Gather your tools

  1. You will need a reflective object, such as a mirror, seer stone or crystal ball. This will actually allow you to catch a glimpse of things to come if you continue on your current path.
  2. Set a candle behind you. This should be the only light in an otherwise dark room.
  3. Cover the table you are going to use with a black cloth or piece of fabric.
  4. Place the object you chose to use for scrying on top of the table.

Set the tone

Start by warming up and getting into your meditative space. Relax, chant, meditate or practice mindfulness to remove unwanted thoughts.


When you are ready, open your eyes and look into the surface of your scrying tool. Your focus should shift past the surface to a point somewhere approximately five or six inches beyond. This may or may not work for you, but it is the best way to shift your focus for scrying. 

Have you ever looked at those pictures that are completely composed of colored dots or splotches and had to look past the surface to see the three-dimensional image in the picture? This is the same principle.

Try to keep your mind blank, open it to whatever may be shown to you, unless you are scrying for the answer to a specific question. 

Your eyes will want to blink. That is all right. Let them blink and regain your shift in focus. When you are first beginning, try to keep your scrying time to no more than ten or twenty minutes. If you are not successful, put it away and try again another time.

Images may come to you in any number of forms. At first, you may only get a cloud or mist. This may eventually part to allow images to come through, or it may just move in one direction or another in answer to yes or no questions.

If you do see images, they may be simple symbols left open for interpretation. These symbols are personal and are not the symbols you may find written in a book. For instance, a dog may generally symbolize loyalty or protection, but if you are fearful of dogs, it would mean something entirely different to you.

Some people also see moving pictures as though they are watching a movie. But that’s not common, especially when you are first beginning.

Scrying is a learned skill, much like mediation, and comes with practice. Don’t give up if it does not work on the first attempt. 

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Have you tried scrying?  Drop us a note and tell us about your experience. We’d love to hear from you.  

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