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7 Benefits of an Online Retreat

Online retreats offer a deep connection and profound experience, sometimes more-so than in person.

Physical proximity is not a pre-requisite for powerful and moving group conversation, understanding or inner-standing (shifting perspective of self for the better). Some badass benefits await inside online retreats that you simply cannot get in person.

1 – A sacred, private space at your home

In order to experience the retreat, we make space in our home – practicing self-care and communicating boundaries – in order to have the quiet time to attend. Preparing your space can become a ritual. Asking others to respect your space is important for your ongoing mental health, especially if you struggle with boundaries.

Bonus: You no longer have to be in a huge venue, full of thousands of people, to achieve self-growth. Online access to small events like ours allows you invest in yourself and get ALL the benefits in your pajamas. Get inspired by others and feed off the group energy and receive 1:1 support.

2 – Easier transition

When I attend an in-person retreat, the transition home is sometimes a bit tricky. The deeper I go in my experience, the more challenging I find getting back into my house. The thought of what’s waiting for me – the busy schedule, spouse, kids, whatever – has made me wish I was back in the woods with my women, experiencing bliss. But during an online retreat, you are still in your home. At each break, we integrate and settle whatever has been stirred and deepened. At the end of an online retreat, I experience more ease in returning to my life. I am more grounded, yet I still experienced deep connections and shifts.

3 – The comforts of home

I really can’t stress this enough. A home space for retreat breaks is ideal for introverts. (We are less inclined to socialize). We can rest, eat food we like and relax at home. We can see our children and spouses, instead of missing them or having them miss us.

4 – No travel

Do I even have to mention that we don’t need to pack, fly and drive? Guess what this means? Not only less hassle and time, but FAR LESS expense. Gain valuable knowledge from thought leaders while never leaving the comfort of your home. View the conference presentations directly on your PC, phone or tablet. Online events allow you to attend from anywhere, paving the way for a larger, more diverse attendance. And that means broader ways for you to connect to others.

5 – Saves (a lot of) money

Online retreats are far cheaper (usually by more than HALF) since we don’t have to pay for accommodations, food, travel, nor do we rent space. You’re only responsible for the registration fee. This not only saves you money but also time since you do not have to worry about scheduling anything aside from time for the summit itself.

6 – Connection with others

Working remotely can make you feel that you are handling any issues that arise alone. But through the experiences shared during virtual events, you can see how other people are handling current situations and discover solutions to push your business forward. 

Our virtual retreats leave lots of space for sharing commonalities, bonding, hot seat group coaching and socializing. Many women over the years have made lifelong friends and partners for future ventures. 

7 – Discover new ways to normalize fears, resistance, blocks, limits and even trauma

What most women discover in our online retreats is they are experiencing almost exactly what everyone else is. And when we normalize emotions, we stop judging them so harshly. Hint: That’s the goal. When we step out of judgment, we make better decisions about what we want and how we will approach those things.

It’s pretty inspiring to see what can be done online. Video communication allows us all the benefits of deep connection and self-care, while never leaving the house. In my online retreats, I’ve been known to take the camera outside to the herd of horses so they can share their medicine too. There are no limits to designing your online retreat.

All retreats, online and in-person, offer so much goodness. It’s where the magic really happens. If you want to expand your vision, get support with a block or fear, or connect with others on the same journey, then attending retreats needs to become a part of your practice. 

The growth, connection, insights, learning and the power of group are foundational experiences. They undeniably benefit you and your business.

I believe people learn far better when having an experience than a conversation. A retreat allows you to do just that.

Our next virtual retreat takes place Feb. 24-25. Check it out here.