Seven letters can’t tell you how to feel.

But something amazing happens when we combine them. And letters become words and phrases flooded with emotion.

Don’t believe me? Look.




But the next one is my current bestie. This bullshit slayer is proving a legal document tying me to another human means jack shit in terms of my worth.


Contrary to what you’ve told yourself, it’s not a synonym for failure or being unloved. It’s just another seven-letter word.

Break out the Dom and hors d’oeuvres, babes. My cup-eth now overflow-eth. And that means an RTD celebration of epic proportion, naturally.

If we can have bachelorette parties and bridal showers, we can do the Bernie at my divorce party.

Tacky? Good thing I don’t give a fuck what other people think.

If you’re ready to finally have confidence in yourself and your business, ignore the negative connotations of words and life events, then you’re ready to join my celebration.

What you get

45 minutes of no-holds-barred expertise, where we:

  • assess your website and packages
  • determine how much you need to make each month and what you’re charging now (and how they relate)
  • talk about your value versus your time (clients pay for a result, not the hours you spend)
  • review your sales calls and follow-up emails
  • look at where you find clients and how you can do it better
  • overhaul copy (either one page or an ad). I’ll write it on the spot – and it’ll be fucking fantastic.

You can have the best business in the world and know your industry better than anyone. You still need two things to make money.

  • Belief in yourself
  • A way to share the message clearly and succinctly

There is no substitute for having a pro in your corner.

You know it. Here’s your opportunity to live it. (Ask around. I over-deliver like nothing you’ve ever seen.)

We’ll cover the non-negotiable, must-knows of making money and helping people as an entrepreneur.

  • My personal business and wealth consciousness philosophy
  • A crash course in believing in YOURSELF
  • How to use your fear to your advantage
  • What you offer that no one else can
  • How to navigate sales calls and follow-up like the pro you are

How do we do all that in less than an hour? Laser focus.

Usually, this service costs $1,000 and lasts 15 minutes longer, but I’m in the mood for a cheap quickie. Soooooo, you’re getting one hellavuh wham-bam-thank you, Beckster.

It’s yours for $500.

Click the big red button, book it and get profitable.


(Note: Spaces are limited and they fill lightning quick.)