If you think abundance is beyond your power, think again.

Working with money mantras helps increase prosperity.

So what’s a mantra?

A word or phrase you repeat over and over. Some people use them to help them concentrate when they meditate. I use them to help focus and create abundance.

Mantras originated from the texts of ancient India. They are now mainstream, thanks to yoga and meditation.

How and why they work

Hard to believe that repeating words can change your thoughts and your life, but they can. And they do.

The repetition of a mantra works with the Law of Attraction. By echoing certain words over and over, you create specific energy vibrations that attract what you seek.

Like attracts like. Mantras work like magnets to align your thoughts and attract what you want.

They allow us focus on what’s important.

The Monday Morning Money Mantra is focused on creating abundance.

We email it first thing Monday and you play with it all week.

Repeat it for at least ten minutes a day or break it up into two five-minute sessions.

Some examples:

I make more money every day.

I am a money magnet.

I am debt free.

Moneymaking opportunities always come my way.

Money loves me.

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