Obsessing about what people think about your services or offers?

Comparing yourself to others?

Worrying you won’t get clients or make enough to pay the bills?

Feel anxious about sales and social media, or that you WILL get a client and won’t be able to help them?

The Mindset Workshop shows you the impact your thoughts have on your business, relationships, confidence and your ability to make money. 

AND how it’s entirely within your control.

Client piss you off? How would it feel to not be triggered?

Long line at the grocery store? What if you enjoyed it?

Running late? It doesn’t have to be stressful. Honest.

Mindset is the buzzword. Inside this workshop, I teach you what it means and why it matters.

Circumstances like those above happen every day. The one thing you can control is how you respond to them. And the energy you put out into the world directly impacts your business, your bank account, your LIFE.

Learn how to feel good anyway, enjoy life’s challenges and get what you want most. 

It starts in your head.

This program was recorded via live stream and includes an in-depth companion guide.

We cover:
– Identifying major beliefs and how they help and hinder you
– How to rewire your brain (yes, you can)
– What neuroscience says about thought patterns impacting your reality
– Specific, step-by-step instructions to change your thoughts and get what you want

To be clear, this is the stuff the top coaches in the world study and help their clients learn.

Videos are approximately three hours.

Investment: $47



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