WTF is Intuition Anyway?

You’ve heard it said a million times: Intuition is a woman’s superpower.

But what does that really mean?

It’s your natural gift, innately inside you, and it can double your efficiency, money, clients and overall happiness.

It seems everyone is talking about it lately.

How to tap into it…

How to know you can trust yours…

Why we argue with it…

The answers are simple, but there’s a broader explanation too.

Intuition is your connection to all that is.

Right now, you have a 24/7 hotline available to every speck of knowledge that every existed, including the exact right steps for you to build the life you crave.

Your soul knows what you need to do, when and how. It is never wrong. It always has the correct answers.

Trouble is we don’t tune in. Or, if we do, we ignore an answer we don’t like.

But why?

If we have a built-in mechanism that promises to NEVER, EVER steer us wrong, why would we ever choose to dismiss it?

Well, that’s where a larger conversation is necessary.

It goes all the way back to the 4th Century. (Yes, really.)

The people who set this up did it on purpose – they knew exactly what they were doing. And they did such a remarkable job, we are just *now* remembering en mass that we have always had the ability to guide ourselves.

Our inner knowing never left us. We left it.

Join me for this half-day workshop on Intuition on Tuesday, November 30, starting at 1pm Eastern, where we’ll explore all of that.

Plus I’ll show you how to:

  • recognize your intuition physically and emotionally
  • distinguish between an intuitive yes and no instantly
  • understand why we don’t always trust what our intuition says
  • stop doubting your inner voice
  • explore the constructs created to force disconnection from intuition (it’s no accident)
  • look at the how – AND WHY – disconnecting from intuition began
  • see where our culture continues to encourage that disconnection
  • never again doubt your inner power
  • use your intuition to literally create exactly what you want
  • practice using your intuition until it’s an automatic habit that keeps you aligned
  • and a whole lot more

$297 gets you access to all of it
Plus a recording you keep forever

Once you understand how to tune in and turn on your intuition, you will never be in the dark again.

I can’t wait to support you inside this half-day workshop and show you the unmatched potential waiting for you.

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