There’s an old saying about knowing you’ve made it when they arrive. And another about how when you create something no one hates, no one loves it.

They both mean the same thing: The bigger the audience (the bigger your IMPACT) the less likely your message, presence, thoughts, feelings and behaviors will please everyone.

And when you look at it like that, doesn’t it make you wonder how it took so long to get haters at all?

The fact is YOU – fully exposed, unfiltered, unfettered and unapologetic (which is exactly how you should show up online) – will trigger people. And that’s totally okay.

You’re not here to love everyone. And everyone isn’t here to love you.

The problem comes when you let the fear of haters – or even the fear of criticism and judgement – prevent you from doing business.

Working online, by definition, means being exposed.

Yes, it’s scary to think about people criticizing you, making fun of you, trashing you.

Yes, it can be terrifying when you perceive a posse has gotten together (or could get together) for the sole purpose of attacking you.

But guess what?

The only thing you can control is how you choose to respond to those thoughts.

Enter F*ck the Haters.

The 4-week program to show you how to stop giving in to fear – of haters, criticism, judgement.

–> Because every time you pause in fear, don’t act, don’t show up for your business? You’re writing haters a blank check. <–

It doesn’t have to be that way.

People-pleasing keeps you broke. So does hiding, distracting yourself with mundane shit, and diluting your voice.

Inside F*ck the Haters, you’ll learn how to think for yourself, choose your responses and reactions, dig up the stories and beliefs holding you in fear, and finally (blissfully!) let that shit go.

And listen, I’ve been there.

I know what it’s like to not show up for your community because you’re afraid of haters. Of what they might say or do when you announce the next program or even go live. To spend so much fucking time in fear that you don’t have the energy or mental capacity to serve the people who need you.

It’s a shitty feeling, and it’s totally unnecessary.

But you can move through this with a whole lot more ease and flow. I promise.

I’m going to teach you how to celebrate haters as dollar signs. (I do.) And how to process emotions and beliefs that come up in response to judgement and criticism.

Bonus: It’s a hell of a lot easier than you think.

The great news is once you learn how to do this, you will be armed with these skills for LIFE. They never expire.

I’ve used the same techniques with difficult family, acquaintances, people who have different mindsets and opinions than mine, and so on.

Join me for this truly powerful program on how to change the way you think about haters, ditch fear and COME TO LIFE online.

Isn’t it time you stop leaving money on the table because of FEAR?

Oh, and for a limited time, F*ck the Haters is 50% off. Huzzah!

This is a DIY program where you get prerecorded live streams, worksheets, exercises and 24/7 Q&A, for 30 days.

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