The Ancient Healing Properties of Crystals and Stones

Our ancestors knew the healing power of crystals and stones.

Different minerals affect the body’s energy flow, change the aura, and ward off evil spirits.

Here are a few of my favorites…

For Protection and Strength:


Legend says the Northern Lights were trapped in the rocks of the Canadian coast. A brave warrior broke them free, creating the stone Labradorite.

This stone is known for its almost holographic flash of rainbows. It shields the aura from negative energies and promotes protection, intuition, psychic awareness, eases anxiety and enhances communication and spiritual growth.

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Dragon’s Bloodstone Sphere Stone

This is a rare, intensely healing stone that promotes courage, strength and vitality, while also supporting grounding and centering.

This stone helps to balance and integrate mind, body and spirit. It opens hearts and inspires compassion for others.

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For Wealth and Abundance:
These crystals are known for their properties of drawing wealth, luck, money and abundance.

Tiger’s Eye

In Ancient times, Tiger’s Eye was used to ward off evil and keep the wearer safe from ill-wishes. It also was used to build motivation and confidence, and for a lengthy list of healings.


This is one of the best stones for attracting the energy of wealth and abundance. It also boosts worthiness.

Green Aventurine

This is known as the Gambler’s Stone. It boosts opportunity and money mindset.


This crystal is known to soothe money-related anxieties and bring joy.


This is known as the stone of wealth and prosperity and it is excellent for long-term financial planning.

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Understanding the Phases of the Moon

Moon cycles have been honored by many different civilizations throughout the world for centuries.

The Moon holds tremendous power for manifestation in every area of life.

Here is your guide to understanding the meaning of the new moon and full moon, which will help strengthen your connection to the cosmos — and bring your dreams to life.

New Moon
The new moon occurs when the moon is physically positioned between Earth and the sun. The three are in approximate alignment, and the entire illuminated portion of the moon is on its back side. Think of this phase as a clean slate, or a new beginning.

How to Harness the New Moon
This is a great time to begin new projects and bring ideas to life. Acknowledge your intentions and draw out new plans and ideas. Breathe new life into any area you may feel stuck. Cleanse your home with sage, take an epsom salt bath, let go of the past.

Watch for opportunities and signs over the next moon cycle. Get excited, because your world is about to expand.

Full Moon
At a full moon, Earth, the moon and the sun are in approximate alignment — just like the new moon — but in this phase, the moon is on the opposite side of Earth, so the sunlit part of the moon is facing us. The shadowed portion is hidden from view.

Think of the full moon as a sealing of your intentions and plans. With every ending comes a giant release, which is exactly what the energy of the full moon is about.

How to Harness the Full Moon
When the moon is full, its strong gravitational pull on Earth makes for a time of high creative energy and incredibly powerful intuitive breakthroughs.

Now is the time to write all the things you wish to release. Burn the piece of paper, and move into gratitude. Give thanks for all you have and all that is the come.

Here’s where you get to actually trust this is happening. Burn some herbs and let your fears evaporate with the smoke. Now is also the optimal time to cleanse your crystals by placing them in the moonlight.

The full moon also brings heightened energy and emotions. Get grounded – feet in the dirt. Pay attention to your body and nourish it.

Get outside at night and let the light of the moon shine on you.

What intentions will you set?
When you get in tune with the moon, you ultimately live more in sync with nature. And that’s when magic happens.

Channel the moon’s energy. Get under that glow and set intentions. Align your life with a higher power.

The New Moon arrives on April 11 and brings motivation and high energy.

Now is the time to focus on conquering goals.

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