Powerful Rituals for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. You know what that means…

Like it or not, the world turns its attention to love. People focus on making themselves more attractive, deepening their relationships, or attracting new partners.

Looking for some easy, powerful rituals to get you in the Valentine’s Day mood?

Here are a couple perfect for this holiday:

A Ritual for Self-Love

It’s often said that you cannot love someone else if you do not love yourself. What that actually means is if you don’t care about yourself, you’re more likely to attract partners who don’t care either.

Self-love is the foundation for a healthy relationship. What better time to practice self-love than Valentine’s Day?

Self Love Spell

For this spell, you will need:

  • Pink candle
  • Rose quartz
  • Oil (even olive oil is fine)

Dress the candle with oil. As you do this, think about what it is you are calling in for yourself. Place the candle on a fire-safe surface, with the rose quartz in front of it. Light the candle, and say…

Fire warm, and fire bright,
Warm my heart with love tonight.
Not love for others, but for me,
Show me the beauty I cannot see.

Sit in front of the candle, slow your breathing and relax. Take the rose quartz in your hands, and picture its energy connecting to your heart. Visualize yourself happy and at peace. When you are ready, snuff the candle. Keep the rose quartz beside your bed. Repeat this ritual whenever you feel your confidence dipping.

Love Spell

If you are single, Valentine’s Day can be challenging. Nobody likes to see happy couples everywhere if they are feeling lonely. But you can use the energy of this season to draw in a lover.

You will need:

  • Any tarot deck
  • Oil (even lie oil is fine)
  • Paper or parchment
  • A pen
  • A clear quartz crystal
  • Pink or red candle

This spell works by sympathetic magic, which relies on symbolism. First, look through the tarot deck for a symbol of love — The Lovers card or Two of Cups. Place that card in front of you.

Meditate on this card for a moment. What characteristics do you want your ideal lover have? Get specific. Use the pen and paper to make a list. Place the paper under the tarot card, and set the clear quartz on top of it. This allows the quartz to amplify the energy of your desires and send them out to the world.

Next, dress your candle with oil and write your name on the base. (I use a paperclip to carve my name in.) Place the candle in or on a fire-safe container.

Light the candle and say…

Perfect love, come and see.
Perfect love, be drawn to me.

Allow the candle to burn completely. (If you need to leave it unattended, snuff it and relight it when you come back.) Return the tarot card to the deck, save the quartz crystal, and bury the paper and candle remains near your front door.

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love of all types.

Whether you need more self-love, want a new lover, or need to enhance the passion between you and your partner, now is the best time to put these energies to work for you.

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3 Types of Summer Magic to Experiment With

Litha, Summer Solstice, Gathering Day, Feast of Epona, Alban Hefin (Druid, ‘Light of the Shore’), Midsumarsblot (Norse), Johnmas

Roughly June 20-23.

Midsummer celebrates the summer solstice. It is the longest day of the year, when Earth is at its closest to the sun.

It marks the end of the waxing year and beginning of the waning year, when the sun’s power begins to fade and the days grow shorter. It is opposite to Yule, or Midwinter, which marks the shortest day of the year.

At Midsummer, the powers of nature reach their highest point. The days are warmer and the earth is bountiful.

In ancient times, Litha/Midsummer marked the middle of summer, with the beginning of summer at Beltane (April 30-May 1) and the end of summer at Lammas (August 1). Astronomically, Litha marks the first day of summer, reflected on the North American calendar.

The myth of Litha celebrates the triumph of light over darkness. In Wicca, it is thought the Sun God is at his highest point. Traditionally, it is thought this is the time when the Oak King is bested by the Holly King. The Oak King is thought to rule from Midwinter (Yule) to Midsummer (Litha), a period of fertility, expansion and growth. The Oak King is ‘slain’ by the Holly King at Litha (to rule from Midsummer to Midwinter) – a period of harvest, withdrawal and wisdom.

The date roughly corresponds to the Christian Feast of St. John (Johnmas) on June 24. The Oak King and Holly King can be compared to John the Baptist and Jesus, with Jesus’ birth celebrated at the winter solstice (Yule) and John’s celebrated at the summer solstice (Litha).

This time is also associated with the festival of Vestalia, which celebrated the Roman goddess of virginity, and the Feast of Epona, the Roman goddess of the horse and fertility.

Midsummer is a great time to connect with nature and the outdoors. It is associated with joy and feasting. Flowers, oak trees and sun wheels are common symbols.

Traditionally on Midsummer Eve, it was said elves, sprites and fairies were found in great numbers, making this a great time to commune with them.

3 Types of Summer Magic to Experiment With

Opening Up: In the heat of summer, we can open into the peak of our power. Rituals can include all forms of fire and candle magic to bless yourself and your home with abundance and protection. Commune with local land spirits and leave them offerings or invite in abundance. Awaken to new forms of ancient wisdom. Celebrate what you have learned so far in life. Dance, laugh, make a vow of service to your community. Practice divination to help you open up to new possibilities about who you are and your life path.

Use the smudge spray to help remove negative or stagnant energy from your space.

Taking Risks: We take risks and face our fears so that we can grow as magical beings. Rituals for this can include shadow work (long days cast longer shadows), fear-breaking charms, doing that thing you’ve been putting off, choosing to be seen and heard by others, finally trying out a type of magic you’ve hesitated to do before, cord-cutting from relationships and ways of thinking, even self-blessings — because it is a radical act to love all of your being.

Practice this by setting clear intentions and manifest those desires using our Zen Goddess Kit.

Being Love(d): We choose love in all of its forms because we deserve to love and be loved in return. Rituals include enchantments of love, self-love, a romantic friendship, deeply erotic love, sensual love, family love, community love, and more. Tell the ones you love nine times in one day. Use the power of fire to transform any energy that comes your way into love. Have sex and make love (preferably outdoors). Work exclusively with God/dess/es of love for a full cycle of the Moon. Invite in new possibilities for love and self-love. Perform a ritual skyclad as a sign that you are free and loved fiercely.

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