Witchy Women® is a woman-owned, ethical, sustainable and philanthropic metaphysical supply shoppe.

Ohhhhh, but we are much more than a shoppe.

We are a lifestyle.

We believe that YOU ARE MAGIC and we call you to step into your personal power and OWN YOUR life. You have everything you need inside of you to be exactly who you are supposed to be – who you want to be.

And guess what? We have the tools and guidance to support you on your enchanted journey.

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About Our Shoppe:

Our mission is to support healing, growth and restoration of people and the planet. We are grateful to do our part to restore and protect Earth.

Our candles and metaphysical supplies are created as medicine. Each item carries the intent that its presence in your world can connect you to YOU, to Source and to All That Is.

Our products are handmade, or hand-cultivated, and ethically-sourced. Hours go into each candle, herbal blend, potion, oil, decoction, etc. Mass production DOES NOT exist here.

These items will guide you into the depths of your intuition.

There is no substitute for ritually-based, small batch, organic items that are hand-crafted and infused with Celtic witchcraft.

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