A Woman’s Voice

You have a voice that wants to say or do something in the world. 

You have a yearning to add to the conversation. To inspire, influence, heal, transform, shake things up.

But you’re not quite sure how to do it.

You want to speak up at work and at home. You want to stand up for yourself or others and say what you mean.

You long for the clarity, confidence and kindness necessary to speak your truth, in only the way you can.

You want to lead by example, showing your daughters, granddaughters and other young women how to find and own their voices in ways that make life better for everyone.

You want to inspire and motivate.

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Inside A Woman’s Voice, my guided 30-day program, I’ll show you how to find, foster and unleash your voice.

We’re going on a journey back to YOU. The you who arrived on the planet unfiltered, unmasked, raw and real.

Inside, I’ll show you how to use your essence, that unfiltered woman inside you, to inspire, influence and transform the world around you.

We’re going to look at how you got filtered at all, where you want to be instead, and how to shift to get back to the real you.

This is true transformation that helps you understand your past, so you can transmute it and leverage it. 

No one else can do this in the way you can. You were given this voice for a reason. You have a purpose.

It’s time to embrace it and rise.

What you receive: 

  • Understanding your voice (what makes you YOU)
  • Shifting perception, from seeing perceived flaws or quirks to embracing them as unique strengths
  • Identifying and releasing old patterns and behaviors that cut off your voice
  • Creating new practices and beliefs to elevate your voice
  • Cementing new boundaries
  • Speaking up, speaking out, speaking the truth, even when you feel uncomfortable
  • And much more

There isn’t a single reason you can’t have the life you want, unless you choose to believe…

  • It’s too hard
  • It takes too long
  • Life doesn’t work that way for me
  • Or some other variation of the above lies

On the other hand, if you understand we are all pieces of the same consciousness, all part of the same ball of energy that created us, then it gets infinitely easier.

Of course you can use your voice. Of course you can run your own successful business. You just need a hand sorting out what’s true, and what your mind has created out of fear – and choose your beliefs and actions accordingly.

How it goes down:

  • Four weeks of recorded trainings led by moi, varying from 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Weekly workbooks, exercises and in-depth trainings to get you out of your head and believing in yourself.

I’m going to show you that the only thing in the world that changes how you use your voice is your thoughts. What you think, you create. And the nuances between those thoughts can make or break how you use your voice.

This is your invitation to change your life.

We’re retiring the bullshit that says you can’t and learning how to say YES to ourselves.

Because that’s how a boss rolls.

Just $197 for 30 days of no nonsense, straight-up THIS IS HOW TO OWN YOUR VOICE.

Investment: $197

About Becky

More than 15 years ago, when I was unemployed, broke and scared, and sick, I came across a book called Think and Grow Rich. Many of you, I’m sure, have read the Napoleon Hill classic. Up until that time, I’d never heard of thoughts shaping reality. Crap, I’d never heard of the word “manifest.”

Despite all my doubts, I was tired and scared enough to put disbelief aside and read – and then implement. I decided to try believing in myself, in the concepts Hill outlined, in the possibility that my life could be better if I changed, rather than hoping the world or my circumstances would change. That little book altered my life forever.

I created a business I love. My relationships with family and friends became deeper, closer. I treated my body with the respect it deserved, ate well and slept, ultimately healing from agoraphobia.

Since then, I’ve continued to study, learn and grow. The Tao Te Ching, The Keys of Enoch, A Course in Miracles, the Catholic Bible, Osho, Saint Germain, Neville Goddard and many more. I’ve taken too many courses and become certified in multiple personal development modalities. I’ve consumed Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Alan Cohen, and Jerry and Esther Hicks like a rabid beast.

All of them point to one thing: You receive what you believe. That’s the core of your entire life. I can’t wait to show you how this one concept can change everything for you. It’s time to USE YOUR VOICE.

Investment: $197

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