20 Reasons You’re Addicted to the Hustle of Make Money in Biz

In my last blog post, I shared the top 20 reasons you think you don’t have time to work on your business. (You can read that one here)

Today, I give you 20 reasons you’re addicted to the hustle of making money in your business. ?

1. You let other people tell you how to run your business, what’s most important and how to show up.

2. You don’t believe you can earn good money without working “hard.”

3. You haven’t decided to stop hitting Facebook like a crack pipe.

4. If you’re not on social media, you literally do not know what to do to work on your business.

5. You’re still trying to do it all and believe hiring help takes too long or that they won’t do it like you.

6. You’re busting your ass to prove to the world that you are worthy of making bank (or just trying to prove your worth, period).

7. You use work as an excuse to not participate in shirt you hate, rather than just saying no to the shit you hate. (PTO meetings, dance recitals, dinner with the in-laws…)

8. You think hustle is a badge of honor.

9. You haven’t yet realized there is no prize at the end for who struggled the most.

10. You’re afraid of intimacy and being busy ensures you never have to show up for other people.

11. You believe “work” is the only safe space to speak your truth or be yourself, so you immerse yourself in it ALL THE TIME.

12. You cannot imagine “down time” is congruent with money-making. (Fun fact: The truth is you make more when you un-plug.)

13. You don’t know what to do for fun.

14. You believe people admire your work ethic.

15. You don’t yet understand that the world’s most successful people spend LESS time working and more time creating.

16. You don’t know how to automate, delegate or eliminate.

17. You don’t actually like (your kids, your spouse, your neighbor, insert anyone or anything), so you say you’re working in order to avoid them.

18. You forgot how to take care of yourself.

19. You convinced yourself you need hours to create, be visible, get out there – and you don’t know how to use the 20 minute chunks you actually have.

20. You don’t have notebooks scattered through the house, including in the bathroom, to jot down inspiration. (The remedy to #19.)

Which of these were you doing?