Your only task is to tell the truth

You know that thing you can’t stop thinking about? The idea that wakes you up breathless and sweaty?

THAT’S what you pursue.

Because the shit that gets your blood pumping also keeps you motivated – fuck, it burns you up – when business gets difficult.

At no time is this more important than when you are your own boss. It’s hard work, people.

But you need to do it. You’ve got to get your message out there.

You can feel it burning the back of your throat, threatening to come up without your permission.

You have a choice: You can stare at the blank screen and sweat, or you can dive in and be true to yourself. Maybe for the first time in your life…

Oh my God, my Mom is going to freak if I start swearing online.

My boss is going to fire my ass when he sees I’m hustling a side gig.

What will people think of me when they read what I really think about their excuses for not pursuing dreams?

Really, it’s not your job to care what anyone else thinks. In fact, nothing screws up an entrepreneur faster than fear.

The point is to never, EVER soften what’s yearning to come out because of some false notion that another person might do/think/feel/say something you don’t like when they hear your message.

Someone might be offended? Someone may not want to be your friend?

Newsflash: Anyone who truly knows and loves you already knows what you’re about. Putting your opinion online won’t change a thing.

Our only task as business owners is to tell the truth. Not everyone likes the truth, and that’s okay. Because not everyone is supposed to love us and what we do all the time.

Some people will suck down your message like tequila, and some will vomit it up like it’s too much. That doesn’t matter.

That is actually none of your business.

We business owners have the singular distinction of getting paid to share our message. And we are the only ones who can share them. YOU make your message unique and alive.

Unfortunately, honesty and authenticity are so rare these days, people scramble for it on the few occasions it appears. Nowhere is that more evident than in online business.

Muting opinions, leaving out pertinent but messy details of how we got where we are, softening real experiences – those things are a disservice to your people. The ones who need you to lead the charge.

You owe them the whole story. And they can tell when you hold something back. That also tends to make them cranky, and then they don’t trust you anymore.

So don’t do that.

Instead, take a deep breath and say what you need to say. And don’t you dare apologize for being you.

Welcome to the annual RTD giveaway

October is almost half over, but I’m not one to let a single day go by without celebrating my favorite month of the year: with gobs of Halloween décor and a birthday giveaway fantastic enough to have you screaming, “Hell yes, Beck.”

You can have your spice lattes, pie candles and colored sweaters.

I’ll turn that pumpkin into a stage coach and deliver it to your doorstep, babes.

Ready to be a belle of the business world?

Welcome to the 44th edition of my birthday celebration, where I’m giving away tens of thousands of dollars of my time, money and energy – to get you earning much more than that.

Each year, the generosity fairy reminds me that giving rocks way harder than taking (though presents are not discouraged).

Thursday, October 13, the day I demanded entrance into a world (in order to give it hell), I’m giving away the sweet, money-making magic I’ve watched countless entrepreneurs use to build the lives of their dreams.

Not only that, the number 44 is about business, especially business related to building something to benefit many generations. It felt right to help others change their lives while mine reached this symbolic number.

I’ll cut to the chase:

If you’ve been dying to work with me or eyeing one of my programs, I’m buying them for you.

The woman giveth.

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No more “I can’t,” or “I’m scared,” or “It’ll never work for me.” Stop doubting your power, ladies, it’s time to own it.

The Freebies:

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Other goodies: 

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