Hear that?

It’s a call to own your magic.

To test your limits.

And set fire to your excuses.

To face your fear and own your faith.

To decide, for good, you are done with average.

That you are meant for more.

Far more than anyone ever expected.

This is the line.

Will you believe in possibilities? In yourself?

It’s time to choose.

RISE – and never turn back.

Or don’t.

But make no mistake, this is the opportunity to burn limits to the ground.

Step forward here, now, and show the world you’re not afraid to get dirty.

Whatever came before? Was nowhere near the end of the story.

You hold something so powerful, so wickedly incredible…

…they can smell it in the street.

This is your chance.

Sign on the dotted line.

Speak your truth.

Be provocative. Be primal. Be real. Be non-negotiable.

Be your fucking self.

Stop apologizing, shrinking, hinting, whispering, asking for permission, giving in and pretending to be satisfied with the status quo.


11722153_10205378884565062_4416592915750046385_oBe the relentless driving force compelled to shake shit up.

Do not leave well enough alone.

Get off your ass.

We have work to do.

These are Revelations for a Revolution.

For the women who are done living with just enough.

Who know they deserve more.

Who are committed to taking what is rightfully theirs.

May we rise.


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