Ladyboss? Bet your a$$

The verdict is in from Tuesday’s email.

Not only are each of you – beyond reasonable doubt – creating your own magic in 2016, but you’re also guilty of wanting the details on what’s new and noteworthy in RTD land.

So prepare, my darlings, for a sneak peek.

As many of you know, my 12-week group program Clarity, Clients & Cash® transformed the lives of hundreds of women earlier this year. And it starts again January 13, 2016, for women coaches who want – you guessed it – more clarity, clients and cash.

The CCC® experience is designed as an all-in-one solution to help women in their first or second year in business present what they do in an attractive way, get clients and make some real damn money (finally) – while alongside other powerful women on the rise.

*This is where I drop mega-awesome news.*

This program works. I mean REALLY works. The participants who showed up and werked their businesses took off. But before they got too big to answer questions from little old me, I sought answers:

How the hell do I make this better for the next class of up-and-coming entrepreneurs?

If you know any of the former participants, rush to send them a thank you note now, because they challenged me to up my game (again).

This new group should offer them oral. (Or a hug, a Whitney English day planner, and a serious high-five.)

I shook up our focus, brought in NEW guest experts who are so-fucking-amazing I’m about to piss myself from excitement (and I talk to these women regularly, people).

Jenn Scalia? She’s in. And she’ll revolutionize how you show up in your business.

Shannon Kaiser? This bestselling brilliant author is on board too.

Jo Gifford? A-fucking-(wo)men, babes.

Plus, other new faces (I can’t give away all of the details yet) and some returning crowd favorites.

Updated content. Upgraded mindset. Up-leveling in massive ways.

Pre-registration for CCC begins shortly and, in Becky-like fashion, bonuses will be worth as much as you’ll pay for the program – just for signing up without hesitation.

Fuck waiting for New Year’s Eve to celebrate. I’m decking these halls with enough female empowerment and wisdom to make any man do a double-take for the right reasons.

You want to be a #ladyboss next year? This is your ticket in, dear.

More details to follow.

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  1. Desiree
    Desiree says:

    I can proudly say CCC has changed the way I look at my business. The training was above and beyond. The connections and relationships have been priceless. The private group is still my go to place on the internet if I need advice, feedback or just a frickin’ virtual hug. The talent and skills each member of the program bring is mind blowing. Thank you Becky for putting this together and rockin’ another session!


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