The most powerful thing you’re not doing for your business

Why is something so seemingly simple – believing in yourself – the most difficult for most of us?

Because we live in a world where we’re told we’re not special. We’re taught to be humble, to be appreciative of others and value ourselves for what we’ve done, not what we’re destined to do.

These lessons can hinder our ability to truly tap into our potential and instead live life avoiding the limelight, in fear we’ll be seen as selfish or boastful.

I don’t exactly know where the line is between being too proud and being proud enough, but most of us never get close to it.

We don’t give ourselves the chance to celebrate our own successes.

And because of it, we don’t believe in ourselves enough.

Think about it. Every day we tell ourselves what we do and don’t deserve.

  • Staying in a job you hate because you’re not sure you can hack it as an entrepreneur.
  • Feeling bad about taking time to do something for yourself, instead of only devoting time to your family. It’s not really that big of a deal to take a shower instead of that bath you’ve been dreaming of for weeks. It can wait, right?
  • Wearing cheap shoes to avoid judgment from people in your life who knew you before your income increased.

These are ways we show we’re uncomfortable with earning, with our potential and ourselves.

It’s really fucking hard to do well in business when you carry these negative beliefs. If you don’t believe you’re special – that you can do something no one else can – why the hell would anyone want to do business with you?

So let’s get comfortable with success and dreams.

Once you do, you’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of reaching in your career and your personal life.

Start by making a list of times you were stronger than you imagined you could be. On the same page, write when you were more successful than you ever dreamed. When did you reach your goals?

Next, write two times you failed, and then picked your sweet ass up and carried on. Detail the biggest compliment you’ve ever received. What three skills are you most proud of?

On a second sheet of paper, write every self-doubt you have.

Once you’re done, hang the positive moments somewhere you will see them daily.

Read them. Every. Damn. Day.

And burn the shit out of the page with all the negative beliefs. No, really. Burn it.

Release your fears, your sadness, your insecurities and self-doubt. Giving yourself permission to rid yourself of negativity will set you free to focus on what you’re doing well.

And when you know what you’re worth, so will your clients.

4 Money Mindset Tips to Help You Believe and Receive

Money isn’t a dirty word. If you tell yourself it’s just a means to an end, you need to begin transforming your money mindset. You get what you believe you can have.

Here are four tips to start the shift.

1 – Lack is Dangerous

Do your beliefs help or hinder your success?

When you think of money, which words come up?

Poverty, deficiency and scarcity? Or abundance, growth and joy?

From an early age, we’re taught to be wise about spending habits. It’s a lesson we shouldn’t ignore, but we often take this mindset too far.

If you’ve ever told yourself you can’t buy something because you’re afraid spending will lead to later problems, you’re living in lack. It’s dangerous.

Success is not just a state of being.

If you tell yourself you can’t afford something or you fear the consequences of investing in your future, you will never reach or maintain the level of success you want. But if you tell yourself you are successful, you send shock waves into the Universe. And, dude, the Universe always responds.

It’s not uncommon to hear about people who reached their goals, but shortly after struggled. Maybe they spend their earnings too quickly because they fear they can’t maintain their success. This is because they do not believe in themselves or their potential. They live in a place of lack: they lack confidence and the ability to see themselves as successes in the long-term.

Believe in your life-long success and you will begin to live the lifestyle of successful people.


#2 – Money is a gift

If you view money as a way to connect with others, you will begin to appreciate your relationship with it.

When you pay someone, do not think of how much more work you will have to do to replenish your bank account. Instead, think of how you’ve nourished their world. You’ve given them the gift of wealth and, in turn, appreciation.

Viewing money in a loving way, instead of a means to an end, helps you stay positive and spend wisely. It’s not good enough to see it as a gift when you receive. You also need to be thankful when you to provide.


#3 – You have a relationship with money

Our successful relationships come when we nurture and grow them. We nurture relationships with our families, friends and lovers. It’s no different with money.

If we love it and continuously work toward bettering that relationship, our thoughts and actions around money also become better, full of love and appreciation.

To fix your relationship with money, approach it like a breakup. What can you do better?

Ask yourself:

Am I currently living in a place of lack or abundance?

How do I want to feel about money?

What would I do if money weren’t an obstacle (how or what would I contribute to the world)?

Then remind yourself you deserve to live the life you want now.

Money can help you get there. But in order for it to serve you, you must begin believing you can and will give the world your gifts. And you must nurture your relationship with money, debunking any negative feelings you have around it.

Believe and receive, babe. It’s up to you to determine whether or not you’re receiving positive or negative vibes from the Universe.


#4 – Fake it ‘til you make it

If you want to be successful and shift your mindset, you need to pretend you’re already living the lifestyle you want.

This does not mean frivolously spending your money. It means believing you have enough and you are deserving enough to use it.

Imagine yourself as wealthy and abundant. Start dressing the part: wear the clothes you love and ditch what makes you feel broke.

De-clutter your life and anything that is no longer useful. If you’ve kept an old crockpot around for fear your new one might break, it’s time to get rid of it. Anything taking up space that isn’t useful or serving a purpose should go.

Have a garage sale, donate to charity or trash it. The less crap you have sitting around reminding you of your lack mindset, the easier it is to get away from it. Plus a clean room feels better.


To begin shifting your mindset, start with the four tips listed here. Once you feel more confident about loving money, hit me up and tell me how great it feels to ditch the fear and lack and start something new and filled with possibility.


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