Change is a Gift

Most people are uncomfortable with change.

It’s the whole lizard brain/primal instinct thing that makes us squirm when circumstances and places are new to us.

But without NEW behaviors, thoughts and actions, without changing what we belief and what we are doing, we get the same results.

This is super important for women in business.

You want more money, more clients, more impact, you have to do new things. You MUST change.

Case in point: I recently had the opportunity to contribute to Forbes. And I was terrified.

What if they reject me?
What if they don’t like it?
What if I screw this up and I never get the opportunity again?

All the normal fears surfaces.

But just like I teach you, I did the dance with fear.

Fear, in and of itself, is a yield sign – not a stop sign. It means to pause and look around for more information. And sometimes, it means the fear doesn’t dissipate but you choose to DO IT ANYWAY.

So I did it. I sent my handful of lines into Forbes and let it go.

And today, I am SUPER excited to announce I’ve been featured in Forbes! 🔥🔥🔥

Check out “9 Ways to Encourage Change in your Organization.”

Here’s the lesson: No matter how scared you are, you will never get what you want if you don’t go for it.

The article I contributed to says as much, too. Check it out.

P.S. We’ve actually set up a new page on our website for Becky’s Forbes features. Check it out here.

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