Do More. Be More. Have More. Give More.

What do you really want?

Money? Happiness? Bigger business? Vacations? Love?

You want what you want because you want to feel a certain way.

You may want more money for the prestige, certainty, safety, pride, or the sense of feeling good enough.

You think the thing you’re after (money) will allow you to feel better.

My life’s work is showing you two things.

1. External shit will never, EVER permanently change how you feel about yourself. Sure, you’ll get a short-term hit. A temporary high. Until you want the next thing. And the next…

2. In order to have the things you want, you need to believe you’re worthy, you’re enough, right now. Otherwise, you’ll sabotage yourself. You’ll do things like bust your ass, make a pile of money, and blow it all.

The feelings you want to have – calmness, certainty, safety, confidence – can be created right now. This second.

It takes five minutes to understand and apply that knowledge. And it takes up to 66 days to permanently change your internal wiring.

The more you do it, the easier it gets.

And then you truly are the person who attracts the life, the business, the money, the love, the health – whatever you’re after.

Not because you’re trying to prove something or create a feeling inside you.  But because you have changed who you are at your core.

This is real change. Permanent. And anyone can do it.

What if…

  • You had a plan to do and feel better right now?
  • You had the connections, creativity and confidence to go after it, without giving up time and energy?
  • You did all that and felt amazing?

Two things I’m sure of…

  1. It’s possible.
  2. I can help you get there.

The greatest limitations any of us have are in our own heads. Our self-image – or lack thereof – our fear, our unknowing, our habits. This is what makes or breaks us.

Think back to a time when you achieved something that made you proud.

If you knew how to do it, made decisions quicker and had the resources right away, you could have gotten there twice as fast – or gotten twice as far.

There’s another way to get you there twice as fast: Get support from someone who has been there, recognizes the patterns and habits in your way, and shows you how to dissolve that shit for life.

Letting go of limiting beliefs and behaviors is exactly how we rise. The bitch of it is we mostly are unaware of our own crap. It takes skill, practice and awareness to recognize what’s really going on, shift perspective and truly change.

And that is my expertise. (They don’t call me the Bullshit Slayer for no reason.)

Imagine waking up with your goals met…

Imagine having the confidence and peace of mind that comes with a specific plan and the knowledge you CAN do it…

Imagine feeling energized and focused as you step into the life you’ve been reaching for and dreaming of…

Imagine excelling with your finances, relationships and happiness…

Imagine all of this and more – because it’s possible.

I felt alone, without that inspirational tribe they talk about. Dreams in the back of my mind, yearning, yet doubting them. Feeling something more was in me, more possibility yet unsure of how to tap into it.

Tolerating low-level clients, giving all of me and yet feeling unfulfilled, knowing I am giving more and more than I should. Tolerating and giving my time and energy to draining tasks that I did not like and was not good at—talk about a double whammy mojo dive into the black hole.

Boston helped me to become aware of patterns I was in, finally seeing the Hero Complex, my value being tied to swooping in and fixing issues and even attracting the clients that kept this role in place. I saw a way to dismantle it and create what I desire…

The self-confidence, the direction, connection, has definitely increased, as well as the clarity and ability to discern activities that will get me closer to my dream.

The energy in the room was high level, the support was incredible, the coaching was delivered with respect and honesty and straight to the point, opening the space for each woman to move to her next level of awareness and business consciousness. It was like being individually elevated within a group. – Nancy Despres


This is the Money Mindset Virtual Retreat

Awareness, intention and results.

During this two-day, customized event, you have the opportunity to take a step away from your daily life and into a space where like-minded, high-vibration thinkers come together to GO HIGHER.

This is only available to four women. It’s an intimate group where you receive 1:1 support to get clear on what’s been in your way, and how to move past that and into being the woman who has it NOW.

How do you want to feel?

Who do you want to be?

What bullshit sabotage is it time to remove?

You’ll understand all of this inside.

It’s time to gain absolute focus, clarity, and direction – with an exact plan in place.

How it goes down

The Money Mindset Virtual Retreat is a 2-day virtual event hosted via Zoom. Attend from anywhere you have an internet connection. The program runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EDT, July 18-19, each day.

You will be live with Becky and four participants, diving deep into your blocks, resistance and sabotage patterns – so you can understand them, shift perspective and watch them dissolve.

This is Becky’s proven and powerful process for true and lasting transformation.


I was of the mindset that I still had a long ways to go. I thought I was still inexperienced, needed more training, that I was missing something that wasn’t attracting people the right way. I was still scared of putting myself out there as big as possible. I was hiding, talking myself out of things, and owning almost nothing…

If you want big change, you need to get face to face with Becky. For an extended period of time… DAYS. So much more can happen when it’s intense like this. The collective vibe will make you never want to leave. The shifts are monstrous. You will not come back the same person. – Erin Monaghan


Who is the Money Mindset Virtual Retreat for?

Are you ready to bridge the gap between your ideas and reality?

Are you ready to stop sabotaging yourself, charge your worth, feel empowered and confident?

Are you ready to make your mark?

What will you work on?


The Money Mindset Virtual Retreat is about your growth, your ideas, your goals and, most of all, what YOU want.

It’s an incredible environment where you’ll work 1:1 with Becky for two full days, with a small group of hand-picked women on the same mission.

Are you ready to feel better? Do better? Live on your terms?

We begin July 18 at 10 a.m. EDT. and finish July 19 at 4 p.m. EDT.

Investment: $3500 or two installments of $2,000 each.

Not quite sure?

What goals do you keep putting off?

What do you want to achieve this year?

Who do you see yourself becoming?

You have an opportunity to take action and create the wealthy and fulfilling life you dream about. And if not now, when?

It’s not always easy. If it was, you would have done it by now.

But, if you are committed to your success, Becky is committed to you.

If you attend the Money Mindset Virtual Retreat, and give it your best, your life will transform – and you will experience a quantum leap.

Doing your best isn’t something you can outsource. It’s a reality you create.


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