Here’s a freebie that’ll work for you all year long

Sick of struggling to gain traction in your business?

You, my friend, are not the only one.

Many would-be, wannabe and soon-to-be empire builders are currently fighting to merely BE entrepreneurs. These women dream of having an impact and lapping up luxury, passionately slanging fist pumps when they see their dream lifestyle is achievable (because so-and-so just filled their Bali retreat).

The bravado is there, babes. But reality? Well, business hasn’t exactly brought in enough dollar bills to pay for that big coaching bill you have.

It’s not that possibility scares you, but reality – and fear – crush your creativity and constant conviction.

Ever told yourself owning your own business isn’t what you’re supposed to be doing because it hasn’t worked yet? Then you’re with the majority of ladies who walk away from earning what their worth, doing what they love and changing the lives of others by simply providing their expertise.

It’s far too common and such a sad reality that we don’t believe in our own abilities more than we listen to our own fears.

This is one of those instances where going against the grain is not only sexy, but it brings success. Yet, all too often, we create our own kiss-of-death because failure is scary as hell.

And that shit has to stop.


Maybe you’ve told yourself 2016 is the year you turn your life around, including stepping into your purpose. Your motivation doesn’t have to be a resolution (though it could’ve been), and it certainly doesn’t have to be scrawled across your vision board with the blood of your first born (that’s too grotesque even for me). But the dream, the drive and desire should all be there, rippling through your veins with a magnitude making it impossible to ignore.

You like the word magic and you believe it lives inside you. One search and rescue mission will allow you to find and nurture this neglected piece of unique-to-you glory, but you have to strap on your head gear and get in the thick of it.

The good news?

Here’s a freebie that’ll work for you all year long.

Owning your own successful online business is possible once you know your purpose. This resolution – finding your why and owning it – is the only one I’ll tell you to chase. And you don’t have to hunt it down much longer:

I’m starting 2016 by helping new and emerging entrepreneurs make the switch from kind of doing it to killing it online (read: being visible and earning income).

Starting January 8, the “Own It” Challenge begins and brings you a life-changing chance to work on your own terms.

We’ll start by making sure you’re clear about your purpose. Then I’ll show you what steps to take to own it. Then we’ll go over the processes you can put in place to keep the motivation and inspiration flowing far past February.

Let me be clear: for 5 days you’ll work more inside of yourself than you imagined was necessary for your business, but you’ll come out on the other side with a clear advantage over those who chose to let fear freeze their actions.

New year? New you, new business, new purpose.

Sign up for the “Own It” Challenge here.

Take fate out of the equation and tell the Universe you’re ready for what you’ve been working toward (or dreaming of). There’s no better time than now. Right this second. Before that nasty habitual fear crops back up and tells you nothing will work.

Your dream is possible and you deserve all-of-it.

I can’t wait to watch you shine, you sexy thing.