Tired of working your ass off and having next to nothing to show for it?

Entrepreneurship is exhausting – and exhilarating. We set off on this journey to do it our way. To create a life we love. But sometimes, it’s a painful struggle.

Want more clients?

More clicks?

More cash?

Let’s create a plan to get all of those things – right now.

shoes_bw_homePick my brain for an hour + we will…

  • assess your website and packages
  • determine how much you need to make each month and what you’re charging now (and how they relate)
  • talk about your value versus your time (clients pay for a result, not the hours you spend)
  • review your sales calls and followup emails
  • look at where you find clients and how you can do it better
  • overhaul copy (either one page or an ad). I’ll write it on the spot – and it’ll be fucking fantastic


You can have the best business in the world and know your industry better than anyone. You still need two things to make money:

  1. Belief in yourself
  2. A way to share the message clearly and succinctly

There is no substitute for having a pro in your corner. (I say this with authority since I didn’t reach my full potential without my own coaches behind me.)


We’ll cover the non-negotiable, must-knows of making money and helping people as an entrepreneur.

  • My personal business and wealth consciousness philosophy
  • A crash course in believing in YOURSELF
  • How to use your fear to your advantage
  • What you offer that no one else can
  • A full assessment of your website

How do we do all that in an hour? Laser focus. Bring a notebook and several pens. (I’ll type it all up for you at the end anyway.)



If you’ve ever dreamed of having an online business that you fucking love, doing work that fuels you and that keeps you awake at night with giddiness and excitement, all the while getting paid what you’re worth, you owe it to yourself to spend an hour with this woman. She is incredible. I had a session with her and have totally upped my game in a BIG way. Thank you, Becky!  – Jennifer Blanchard

• • •

Becky, you are amazing! Within an hour, you got exactly what I wanted to say in my sales copy – and I feel really comfortable selling at a higher rate now too. Thank you so much. If anybody is still thinking about hiring you: Do it now before she doubles her rate.  Sandra Pilarczyk

 • • •

HECK YES to getting in on this! I was peeing my pants at the idea of charging what I REALLY wanted. In 60 seconds flat, Becky had me stepping up and owning my rates with confidence. No more playing small.  Ruth Ridgeway

• • •

Worth every penny. Becky’s approach is unique and it works. If you’re struggling with any part of your biz (especially the making money part), Becky’s your girl.  Jenn Scalia

 • • •

Becky provides MASSIVE value in her coaching. She is laser-focused, no BS (but you’d expect that from her, now wouldn’t you?) and will upend your beliefs about what to charge. Since I am all about the actionable to-do list, I really appreciated how clear she was about what I needed to tackle point by point. Don’t hesitate to sign up if you are considering it. Seriously. Do it.  Lisa Sharp

To see the results you want and deserve with your business, you need to look and sound like a pro.

Investing in yourself allows you to take control of your business for good.

FEE: $1000 for a 1-Hour Session

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  • you want help creating a better coaching business that serves clients in a more meaningful way and makes money.
  • you want it BADLY.
  • you’re über-passionate about your work.
  • you are willing to do what it takes without saying, “Oh, I tried that before. It doesn’t work.”
  • you want someone to give you the tools you need and the support – whether that’s a confidence boost or a smack down to get off your ass.

We don’t have traditional JOBS because we decided we wanted the freedom to choose our lives. We wanted to be entrepreneurs and decide how our days unfold, what we earn and who we serve. This is an extension of that choice.

I’m on a mission.

I want every coach out there to know what she’s worth and why. I want you to understand – on a deep level – how you change people’s lives and why it doesn’t serve anyone (especially you) to undercharge.

Let’s embrace your purpose, your coaching practice, and design a life you love.

Yeah, in one hour.


So much info in one session that your head will explode. Copy work you would ordinarily slave over? Done. Sales emails? Done. Tips for tweaking your site, calls to action, pricing info based on what lights YOU up? Freakin’ amazing. I’ve never felt this way about my biz, ever. And I can feel the shifts happening on an energetic level already. Do it! Seriously.  – Lamisha Serf-Walls

• • •

Becky totally overhauled my website and offerings in just ONE 60-minute take-no-prisoners, kick up the ass (yet very supportive) session. After working with Becky, I feel 100 percent more confident about my website and the way I’m offering my services. I’ve had a ton of compliments on my site since implementing her suggestions and I’ve already recommended Becky to a friend because she packs an astonishing amount of value into a single session. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a kickstart to take their business to the next level.  – Tara Hanrahan, The Effortless Weight Loss Coach

• • •

YOU gave me permission to go where I KNEW I wanted to go. I needed that permission and I needed that perspective. I needed to hear your story, I needed to know it was possible and I needed to understand the difference in doing business online and its potential for my business. I needed to hear that it is not my business what others can or can’t afford.

You gave me clear and actionable plans/ideas to build on what I am working on right now. You didn’t add to my pile, but just turned on the lights.

You changed my perspective and that one hour changed my life. No shit. Changed how I think and feel about my business and MADE me believe that it is not about ‘if’ I will earn the income I want, but that it is already on its way.

My debt now looks like a pussycat because, when I put it beside what I will be earning, it is. My job now is to implement what you gave me and keep my eyes on the direction I am going and enjoy the fucking ride. Tantrums and all. Your work is making a difference, Becky, and I am so happy to be part of your success.  – Lisa Carpenter


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I made $2,500 after one hour with Becky. Best hour I’ve spent in my business so far, and it’s only the beginning. I know with her by my side I AM going to get where I need to be. (I’d say want, but I have a feeling she has bigger dreams for me than I could ever imagine.) If you’ve been thinking about hiring a business coach, and you’re ready to hear what you NEED to do (not what you want to hear), you MUST take Becky up on this offer. I have no doubt she can help you like she helped me. Dayna House

• • •

HOLY SHIT. Becky is a genius. I inarticulately rambled for five minutes about what I did and Becky brilliantly boiled that down into a few powerful sentences that completely spoke to my audience in a way I could not find the words for. She works at lightning speed, over delivers and I’m so glad I took the leap of faith to hire her when I did.  Even just an hour will create big shifts that you need. Hire her.  – Dr. Jenev Caddell

• • •

You’re an amazing powerhouse of strategy and focus. I feel like my brain has needed yours my whole life. Thank you for today. I feel excited, inspired and ON TRACK.  – Jo Gifford

• • •

I am blown away by how much we covered in an hour. I was nervous about the investment, not because I didn’t think Becky was good at what she did, but because after going round in circles over the last few years and doubting myself, I was beginning to believe I was a lost cause. That there was too much wrong with me and my business to get value in an hour. I was wrong. I got soooo much clarity, advice and amazing copy that I can not wait to get started. Thanks Becky, you are an absolute star!  – Julia Harris

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