June Full Super Moon in Capricorn


Today’s full moon arrived at around 2:40 pm EDT. As the last super moon this year, and being in Capricorn, it brought with it the energy of LETTING GOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Super Full Moons draw things from your life that no longer serve you. The energy can lead to a new path or direction.

And Capricorn is all about releasing control and being mindful of inspired action.

So the two combined may have brought up old trauma or shame. It’s on purpose: So you will release it from your life.

The theme here is trusting the timing and magic of life, and taking action when called on.

For tonight’s ritual, I chose a spell to help us release:

  • everything that is not ours
  • all limiting beliefs or perceived blocks
  • obstacles (real or imagined)
  • fears and doubts
  • attachment to outcome
  • any relationship not in our highest good

I invite you to write down the things you want to release as well. Then go outside and ask the moon to support you and burn the paper under her light.

I now release and send all negative energy into the light.

Any dark force may now return to its source.

For tonight’s reading, I felt called to use the Crow Tarot deck. The energy of it is intense, mystical and shapeshifting – like crows themselves.


Card 1: Queen of Swords (what’s at the root)

This card represents the wise, confident, independent, quick-witted woman. She has a clear vision of her future and combines mental clarity and intellectual power.

She is unafraid of transformation or the future.

This card shows you lead from the head and not the heart, which allows you to better discern situations without emotions getting in the way.

The Queen of Swords says you are a truth-seeker. You are open to hearing the thoughts and opinions of others but, ultimately, you filter that information yourself to decipher what is true and what is not. You also have zero time or patience for bullshit and prefer direct communication. People respect your opinion and come to you for advice when they need clarity.

Some people might be intimidated by you, but once they get past your tough exterior and develop a sense of trust and respect, they see your softer side.

Card 2: Page of Swords (what’s in your way)

The Page of Swords is steady and relentless. This card is full of energy and enthusiasm.

When this card shows up in a reading, you’re bursting with new ideas. When it shows up in this position, it indicates there isn’t a single blessed thing in your way.


This card holds so much energy, you can do just about anything. The challenge is whether you can keep it up.

The Page of Swords often emerges when you are exploring a new way of thinking – a new idea, perspective, new knowledge, or a new technique. You have a curious mind and a thirst for knowledge.

As you explore this fresh way of thinking, you are asking lots of questions and gathering as much information as possible. You are also very much in the exploratory phase, far from mastery.

Since the Swords relate to communication, the Page suggests you are exploring a different way of expressing yourself. You may be drawn to public speaking, writing a book or a blog, starting a podcast, or being more vocal on social media.

You are a natural communicator and ready to take the next step to share your message with the world. Again, this is the exploratory phase, so be open to new ways of expressing yourself and discovering where your inner talents lie.

If you are looking for a sign to move ahead with a new project, the Page of Swords says, Go for it.

Card 3: Queen of Wands (what’s coming)

The Queen of wands is dominant, bold, fearless and determined.

She plans on success and takes advantage of every opportunity brought to her. She is the symbol of fire and strength. In this position, the card indicates you are ready for the next adventure.

You are here to see through your vision and purpose, even if you don’t feel ready. You know how to best channel your strengths and weaknesses to achieve your goals. You know what you want.

This card reminds you to stay determined and focused, while being friendly and optimistic with those around you.

Be bold in your plans and actions now. Don’t be afraid to own your real power and put it out into the world. You have so much to offer.

The Queen of Wands shows you are expressing yourself fully. You create a powerful first impression and can quickly win others over with your charming nature.

Now is the perfect time to put yourself out there.


1 – At your core, you know who you are and what you are capable of.

2 – Transformation is here now and you are ready, even if you don’t feel it.

3 – Navigate this short-term transition and you will step into your role, determined and bold, being completely yourself – perhaps for the first time.

The world is waiting.

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