Full Moon Ritual – July 23rd

The Full Buck Moon arrived in Aquarius at 10:35 p.m. EDT.

Tonight’s Full Buck Moon asks us to take responsibility, set boundaries, and face potential tension.

It may also present the initial result of what you started manifesting around the last new moon on July 9, which was in Cancer. At the time, Cancer played host to a deeply emotional, change-bringing new moon that set off lots of cleansing.

Now, as you navigate what could be the intellectual – even stoic – terrain of an Aquarius full moon, you could be thinking more rationally about whatever came up for you earlier this month.

Most signs will feel the intensity of tonight’s full moon. Some of you could feel particularly antsy, emotional or sensitive (especially fellow Aquarians). But bear in mind, no matter how you’re feeling, full moons serve as valuable checkpoints for examining feelings and completing a chapter before forging into another.

This is about noticing what is out of alignment. The moon is lighting it up so you can’t miss it.

For tonight’s spell…

I created a crystal grid with pyrite, jade, emerald, rainforest jasper, citrine, clear quartz and fresh rosemary stems. In the center, I placed a Seal of Antiquelis Amulet, used to summon one of the great princes to help provide great wealth and honor, and good health. I then crafted a matching grid with green and gold candles.

I also used a Danburite, known for its ability to relieve emotional pain, bring epic self-acceptance and remind us to “let your light shine.” It’s basically pure love energy.

Full Moon Journaling Prompts:

  • Where in my life am I overly focused on others?
  • Where am I focusing on self?
  • Is there a way to integrate the two?
  • How can I balance my wants, needs and desires with those of others?

Card 1 – Justice – fairness, truth, cause and effect, law

The Justice card represents justice, fairness, truth and the law. You are being called to account for your actions. (Think about the intentions you set at the New Moon. Did your follow-through?)

If you have acted in alignment with your Higher Self and for the greater good of others, you have nothing to worry about. If you haven’t, you will be called out and made to own up to your actions.

Be ready to take responsibility for your actions and stand accountable for the ensuing consequences.

The Justice card often appears when you need to make an important choice with the potential for long-term impact. Choose consciously by connecting with your inner intuition and asking for the answer that is most in alignment with the highest good of all.

You need to ask yourself, “Do I stand by my decisions and accept the consequences of my actions?” If you cannot, then dig deeper until you find the place where you can stand in integrity and strength.

At its core, Justice is about the search for truth. As you explore your truth, you will discover that things are not as clear-cut as you had thought.

Be consciously aware of what you believe to be true and what you believe to be fair and ethical. It may not be as clear-cut as you think, so prepare to challenge yourself and to explore new territories of your belief system.

Card 2 – 5 of Swords – Conflict, disagreements, competition, defeat, winning at all costs

Five of Swords turns up when you’ve had a disagreement or conflict, and you are walking away with a sense of sadness and loss. You may be upset or resentful.

Even if you won the argument, you realize you have lost as much as (or more than) your opponent. This battle has likely isolated you.

You will need to decide whether your point of view is so important to you that you’re willing to put your relationships in jeopardy, or if you can compromise and see eye-to-eye.

The advice of the Five of Swords is to choose your battles wisely. You may be tempted to fight every conflict to ensure you get your way, to prove that you are right, or defend yourself when you are feeling challenged or threatened. But choosing your battles wisely is much better than engaging in every disagreement.

Not only will it lead to a more peaceful existence, but your interpersonal relationships are likely to come out stronger.

If you have been engaged in a conflict and can see it taking its toll, the Five of Swords is an invitation to apologize. The longer you brood, or the more you try to prove you were right, the more challenging the relationship will become.

Be ready to say you were wrong and make amends. Look for common ground with those you have been fighting with, or seek forgiveness so you can put this behind you.

The Five of Swords may also point to failure. It shows that, despite your best efforts, you aren’t going to win this one. Accept that and learn from it. Be smarter and wiser next time.

Card 3 – 10 of Pentacles – Wealth, financial security, family, long-term success, contribution

The Ten of Pentacles is a sign you have reached a point of completion and accomplishment in your journey. As a Pentacles card, this is likely the result of a successful career path, smart financial investment, or even a long-term relationship.

You have accumulated wealth and abundance through your hard work and dedication. This is one of those cards that promise everything will eventually come together and you will be proud of everything you achieved.

When the Ten of Pentacles appears in a reading, you are surrounded by wealth and blessed with financial abundance. There is no wanting. You have everything you need, especially within the material realm.

You are financially secure and can trust that you will always have what you need and desire. You express sincere gratitude for fulfilling your material goals and dreams.

This card reflects permanence and creating a lasting foundation for future success. It is a card of commitment to a sustainable future, taking into consideration not just the short-term gains of a particular venture but also the long-term benefits. A consistent approach will achieve success that will last the test of time.


1 – Did you follow-through on what you said you wanted? Have you chosen alignment? Your results will show it now.

2 – Is whatever you are arguing out, and with whom, important enough to tank your vibe and derail your long-term plans? This card says no. Get back on track and let that shit go.

3 – If you are taking aligned action and keeping your eye on the prize, success is yours.

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