Healing & Manifesting Ritual August 18, 2020 – New Moon

Healing and Manifesting Ritual – Aug. 18, 2020 – New Moon in Leo

The Triquetra is a significant symbol in magical tradition all over the world.

Tonight’s ritual was to invoke the magical power of the Triquetra ir order to awaken your magical powers for healing and manifesting your desires.

I placed the Triquetra in the middle, with one white candle in each corner of the symbol. All dry flowers and oils are placed below the Triquetra.

The list of all your names is folded and placed under the symbol.

As I light the candles and burn herbs, I chant a specific phrase 9 times. (The Triquetra is the symbol of 3 times 3.)

Then I let the candles burn to the end. As they burn, I focus my intention and energy on calling in the healing and manifesting energy we desire. This can take some time, depending on the candles.

This time, I also felt called to pull a few tarot cards. The description of the spread is below.

I end each ritual by thanking the Gods/Goddesses for their gifts, time, attention and love – and I leave an offering. In this case, I left the copper bowl with the bronze symbols for health, life force and transformation. I also left a bowl of salt water.

Three as One forever Be. Three as One blessed you all be.

Images of the entire process are included here.

Tonight’s New Moon Tarot Cards

1 – Ace of Cups – Symbolizes the individual spirit of every person.

This card represents transformation and is a call to stay in integrity.

Cups are considered vessels that give our feelings a home. This has to do with beliefs, spirituality and emotions. The essential thing here is FLOW. The Ace of any suit is a provider. This card is telling you what you want is all yours.

2 – Ace of Wands – Symbolizes your powers of vitality and growth. Although you will continually change, you remain true to your essence.

This card represents aspiring to lofty heights, radiating your presence in the world, while keeping your ties to home – to who you are.

Wands are wood that feeds the fire. This card brings messages of instincts, action, power and success. Your will has been forged in the fire. The things you want are yours for the taking.

3 – The High Priestess – This card means, quite literally, there is a high priestess inside you.

Every person has her own value. But we have a screen or filter of lifelong impressions and events that distorts our true value. We needed those lessons to become wise and powerful. But we don’t need to keep the distortions from the screen.

You are a soothsayer. What you think and believe is what becomes your reality. It’s time to let go of the bullshit and discover who you truly are. AND PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR INTUITION!

3 candles. Almost no wax. Great burn. Very clean. Wishes granted.

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