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  • How to draw out your dream life and live it — A quick and unconventional way of designing this and aligning it with your business.
  • Why affirmations done correctly can shift your life, anxiety, and business in the right direction in less time than you thought possible.
  • How to align all of this into your business starting today.
  • And so much more

My name is Rebecca T. Dickson. Friends call me “Becky.” Those who work with me call me The Business Dominatrix.


Because when you take my classes, use my products or work with me, you’ll quickly come to understand I DO NOT accept excuses.

I beat those bad habits out of you and push you to get the results you promised yourself.

You may feel a little pressed to your limits. But at the end, you’ll thank me (like all my other clients).

And that’s why I do what I do.

Love it!!! It has really helped me see my behavior & thought patterns in a more objective way so I can shift them!

Karla Mejia
Intuitive Coach Karla

You are amazing and I love your no nonsense approach to helping us challenge and shift those limiting beliefs that are in the way!!!!!! This is my first 10K month ever!!!!!!  And I feel so worth it and more!!!!!!

Rashida Gaye
MindShift Life

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