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Rebecca T. Dickson

Rebecca T. Dickson: business consultant, bestselling author and award-winning editor. She works with highly motivated women entrepreneurs who want to make a difference, help people and make money.

I am a high-profile, zero nonsense business consultant who specializes in high-voltage profit generation for small businesses. I am a former award-winning journalist, Amazon bestselling author and renowned writing consultant. My job is to make you money, and I take that job very seriously. In the same way I won’t ever tolerate excuses from you, you’ll never have to tolerate them from me. This is about anteing up, and that’s exactly what will happen…one grand at a time…. Until money isn’t an issue for you anymore.

I wanted to work with Regan because she’s highly intelligent and intuitive and understand that success doesn’t come from doing random shit. It’s about who you are and what you believe. She’s also interested in herself and her knowledge as much as I have.

My big vision is a world where women take what they want, stop raising their hands and instead shout out the answer, and understand deep inside they can have whatever the hell they want.

My biggest success is that I am a seven-figure business owner who has helped thousands of women all over the world find their passion, pursue it and PROFIT.

My takeaways for the readers would be:

  1. Believe in yourself. Fuck everyone else. They don’t pay your bills, feed you or go to sleep with your dreams unfulfilled.
  2. Whatever it is you want, you CAN have it. That is a simple as deciding it’s available for you.
  3. Your dream was given to you because you have the ability to achieve it.