Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Ritual – Nov. 30th

The Full Moon came in at 4:30 am EST today and brought a lunar eclipse, meaning major upgrades and new frequencies were uploaded.

If you’re feeling antsy or energized, that’s why.

Old timelines are collapsing and falling away. BIG energy is being stirred up.

I encourage you to ground yourselves. Get your feet in the dirt or get on your grounding mat.

A lunar eclipse is when the earth moves between the sun and the full moon. This is an incredible opportunity to harness immense celestial power and cast off all that no longer serves you. It is a time of releasing, cleansing and purification.

Tonight’s ritual did just that. 

I chose a simple smoke ritual to help us all release – because, yo, this lunar eclipse is no joke. It’s been bringing some dark, heavy stuff to the surface. This is your opportunity to let it go.

Full Moon Mantra

Close your eyes and focus on the cleansing power of the moon. Sit quietly and pay attention to your breathing until you feel relaxed.

When you are ready, repeat the moon mantra (below) three times.

Visualize cleansing light removing all that does not serve your highest good.

Imagine your worries floating off into space. Watch as they join the stars and are transmuted into energy to support your transformation.

I am a being of love and light.
Under the power of the moon my cares and worries
are set free into the night sky.
I ask that they be transmuted with love into heavenly energy.
Free from their weight I feel liberated and radiant.
I sparkle from within and feel a deep connection to the universe.
I am nourished with goodness.
I send cosmic showers of love to all of mankind and mother earth.
I am a being of love and light.

Tarot Reading

I asked the cards to show us what needed to be released the most. The first card shows you what you are letting go of now. The second shows you what needs to be released next. The third card is the outcome, should you choose to do the work indicated in card number two.

#1 (Past) – 9 of Swords – Anxiety, worry, fear, depression, nightmares

The Nine of Swords suggests that dark thoughts are weighing you down (and keeping you up at night). You are worrying excessively about a situation, and your negative thoughts are leaving you stressed and anxious.

The more you associate with your fears, the more they rule your life. As you obsess over what’s not working, you call in more that is not working. It becomes a negative cycle where one awful thought leads to another, and another, and another — until they overwhelm you.

As you obsess over what may go wrong, you are more likely to manifest your worst-case scenario because you are inadvertently acting in ways that support your negative thoughts.

Cut the crap.

The Nine of Swords reminds you that much of the fear and worry you are experiencing is in your head. It’s time to examine your situation from a new perspective. Instead of looking for evidence of what is going wrong, put your attention on what is going right.

Take a deep breath and realise life is not as dreadful as it seems and that the more you worry, the more harm you are doing to yourself.

#2 (Present) – 6 of Swords, reversed – Personal transition, resistance to change, unfinished business

When the reversed Six of Swords shows up, you may be going through a personal or spiritual transition or rite of passage in order to leave behind a relationship, belief or behavioural pattern that is no longer serving you.

This is an intensely personal and private journey, and you are working in isolation to make it happen. You have identified what you must release to embrace a new way of thinking and are now bringing it to fruition in your personal life.

At times, the Six of Swords reversed indicates you know you need to make a change or transition in your life, but are reluctant to do so. It’s normal to want to avoid discomfort, but sometimes you must push beyond your comfort zone so you can evolve.

That discomfort is a positive sign that growth is happening, so feel into that energy and let it encourage you to keep expanding.

#3 (Future) – Queen of Pentacles – Nurturing, practical, providing financially, a working parent

The Queen of Pentacles is the nurturing mother of the material world.

At home, she shows her love for others by cooking, maintaining a clean home and giving hugs to those who need them most. She is also able to work full time and make a financial contribution — often as the primary breadwinner. She is masterful at taking care of the practical needs of work, home and family, while also giving her love and support to those she cares about.

When the Queen of Pentacles appears in a reading, you are embodying the ultimate working parent archetype. You care for your family and domestic responsibilities while also making a living for yourself and creating financial abundance.

This card represents prosperity and security. You have worked hard to generate a level of financial or physical security, which in turn gives you the ability to be generous with others and to share your wealth and abundance with those you love. You have used your financial prosperity to build a comfortable home environment and are as focused on investing in your family as your personal wealth.

This Queen asks you to maintain a compassionate, nurturing, practical and down-to-earth attitude when dealing with others and your present circumstances. Focus on creating a calm and balanced life for yourself. Be resourceful and practical, dealing with issues as they arise using straightforward solutions. Keep it simple.

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